who we are

Capvine encourages us to evaluate our understanding of international development and at the same time, attitude to social impact. 

As a social enterprise, we're facilitating lifelong learning opportunities for all with our events and contents, and championing professional development with stimulating programmes and solutions. 

what we do

  • program and content:

We curate conversations through blogposts, info cards, campaigns and programs. Our main focus is on lifelong learning and human capital development. 

  • learning and development:

We encourage our members to develop character, skills and experience to make real changes in today’s world. 

  • careers and events: 

We advertise both paid and unpaid entry-level positions in International Development, Policy and Governance.  We also host and provide information on free or pocket-friendly industry events near you. 

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Meet The Team


Bukola Fadaini

Founder/Managing Director

Tobi Adesemowo

Team Lead (Nigeria) 

Sandra Tetteh

Communications Officer


Pauline Haichais

International Projects Officer

Antoinette Orr

Programmes and Events Manager

Ayo Olopade

Senior Adviser