Capvine Nigeria Media Release

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

8 June 2020

London, United Kingdom

We’re thrilled to announce that Capvine is now offering most of its services in Nigeria. 

Capvine Nigeria was created to promote inclusive learning and development opportunities for all, and will be heavily involved in bridging the transferable knowledge and skills gap in the international development sector. We now have a dedicated Nigerian team, supported by members of staff within the Capvine Network.

About the Capvine Network

The Capvine Network encourages young people from different ethnic and academic backgrounds to evaluate their approach to international development and social impact. Our work as a social enterprise is focused on transforming these conversations into real opportunities where people at different levels and/or interests are invited to make sustainable impact. We contribute in different fields such as law, policy and finance.


As a member of the Network, Capvine Nigeria will: 

  1. Continue to contribute research and analysis in the following areas: education and human capital development, financing for development, governance and public administration, gender equality and social inclusion, development project tracking, public financial management, global health, policy and innovation.

  2. Support the learning and development of young Nigerians who are navigating early and mid-entry level careers in International Development and Social Impact-related careers. 

  3. Continue to advertise paid and unpaid entry-level positions in international development, policy and governance.  And will host virtual events for members across the country. 

Pipeline programmes

  • Resource group: The Capvine Student Network (CSN) is also being launched today (8 June 2020) to increase the commercial awareness of students who, although are still in the process of completing their undergraduate and postgraduate programmes,  still wish to be kept informed of the latest developments in or around the international development sector. 

  • Mentoring programme: A six-month mentoring and coaching programme will be made available from early September 2020. We’re partnering exclusively with some universities for the pilot programme, and have engaged a number of mentors to support our delivery. The application process to select mentees will be announced in early-July 2020, and we’ll be encouraging graduates and early career professionals who are seeking structured career support to apply. 

Capvine website and social media 

We have not made any plans at this time,   to distinguish Capvine Nigeria from the Capvine Network online. As such, both teams will continue to share one domain name ( and social media profiles (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).


We’ve created a general mailbox for all Capvine Nigeria-related enquiries ( This assumes the main function of the Network’s general inbox 

Subsequent updates to this statement will be communicated via our social media channels.